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How Can AppAnalytics Help You?

We give you the useful insights and user behaviour of your mobile app.

Touch Heat Maps & Gesture Recognition

All touches, all gestures like swipe, tap, pinch and rotate with all device interactions ( i.e. shake, device orientation, mobility) are aggregated into one feature called “Touch Heat Map”.

Touch Heat Map is really useful for you to see where and how users interact with your app. The results can help you to discover the areas that are efficient on your app so that you can manage or fine tune those parts by replacing call to action.


Tracking 50+ gestures even up to 4 finger touches are very helpful to understand our users.

@LisaW, Bristol

(Screenshot: App Analytics Heat Map Feature)

Event Based Real Time In-App Analytics

Using our in-app analytics you will be able to get all insights of your touch events and buttons. AppAnalytics automatically detects your events and shows you all the data in beautiful and simple visual reports.

You’re able to create funnels and labels to monitor your conversions.

All the data in AppAnalytics is provided in real time.


App Analytics shows our users’ events and helps to track conversions.

@JackT, San Francisco


User Interface Suggestions

UI Suggestions allow you to filter useful insights to improve your user interface. You can easily see insights such as most unresponsive gestures, most viewed screens, highest quit rates, most interactive screens and most viewed pop-ups.

So you can discover which screens have a higher quit rate, which screens are causing confusion , and the top actions by users.


Increased user engagement rate 16 percent with useful UI suggestions.

@AlexD, London

(Screenshot: App Analytics UI Suggestion Feature)

User Analytics

Monitor your user based and device based insights as a simple visual reports. You can get users' location, session, device and firmware versions easily. Understand your user behaviors by active user, retention rate, bounce rate and page view graphics.


No more invisible relationships in user actions with powerful user analytics of App Analytics!

@AviC, San Francisco


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3 Key Points to Get you started with AppAnalytics

All Platforms

Compatible with all platforms; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Desktop apps.

Low Footprint

AppAnalytics’ SDK is lightweight & works in the background without impacting your app’s performance.

Easy Integration

Integrate our mobile analytics solution by adding the SDK and only a single line of code, in less than a minute.

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